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Hansei Solutions provides data-driven medical billing solutions to enhance client care and drive growth for ambulatory surgery centers.

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Helping Ambulatory Surgery Centers Grow

In today's evolving healthcare landscape, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) play a vital role in providing cost-effective and same-day outpatient surgical care. As clients increasingly demand a consumer-like experience from the healthcare industry, ASCs need innovative and adaptive medical billing solutions to ensure patient satisfaction and guarantee payment for services.​

Hansei Solutions understands the unique challenges faced by ASCs and offers comprehensive medical billing services that go beyond just claims and collections. We handle the most pressing issues with ease by:​

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Who We Serve

Our medical billing solutions are tailored to ambulatory surgical centers, from gastrointestinal specialists and ENTs to robotics and neurosurgery. We specialize in addressing the unique revenue cycle challenges and opportunities within ASCs, utilizing powerful datasets to inform strategic decision-making. Whether you require assistance with telehealth logistics, upcoming audits, or identifying ideal areas for expansion, we can help you find the right solutions.

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who we serve
who we serve

We can help guide you through routine pre-payment review (PPR) and provider network integrity (PNI) audits to ensure compliance and minimize errors.​​


If you encounter issues with payers, we can help engage in corrective actions to restore your relationships with them.​​


We can create benchmarks for your practice and compare them to industry norms to help you identify areas for improvement.


Help you understand and guide you through the complexities of regulatory environments.

Denials Management

If you have denied or underpaid claims, our law firm can escalate the issue on your behalf.​​

Business Decisions

Offering geography-based insights to help you strategically grow your business.​


Assist you in pursuing in-network contracts or adding new service lines.​

Customer Service

Our team can help you implement telehealth solutions to improve patient access and care.

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Data-Driven Revenue Cycle Management​

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of ‌ambulatory surgical centers. We pride ourselves on taking a full-service approach that goes beyond traditional medical billing companies and collection agencies.​

With our proprietary business intelligence platform, we integrate the most robust historical datasets with your EMRs to project revenue and optimize your revenue cycle efficiencies. The result is increased collections, reduced costs, and informed decision-making, all of which impact your growth and bottom line. By working together, we can optimize your revenue cycle management, help you achieve your goals, and give you the ability to provide the highest quality of care to your clients.


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