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Chronic pain affects an estimated 50 million adults in the United States, and when Hansei Solutions was introduced to a Los Angeles pain management clinic in 2020, we saw the opportunity to help boost their revenue cycle management and support their mission toward improving their patient’s quality of life.

This case study goes into detail about the clinic, why pain management is important in healthcare, and how Hansei was able to improve their days to post, days to bill, days to pay, and cash collections.

About The Pain Management Clinic

This clinic practices interventional pain medicine, focusing on spine, neck, and back pain. It currently has eight locations across Southern California and provides treatment for various patients and ailments, including athletes with sports injuries, individuals recovering from car accidents, and those suffering from painful conditions, injuries, and disabilities.

Some of their treatment options include advanced therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma injections, Stem Cell Therapy, and targeted injections to provide effective pain relief for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, and other related conditions.

why pain management is important

Why Pain Management Is Important

Chronic pain is a widespread issue in the United States, affecting a significant portion of the population. In 2021 alone, an estimated 20.9% of U.S. adults (equivalent to 51.6 million individuals) experienced chronic pain, with 6.9% (around 17.1 million individuals) suffering from high-impact chronic pain that significantly restricted their daily activities.

The impact of pain is immense, surpassing the combined impact of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The economic burden of pain management is substantial, with an estimated cost ranging from $560 billion to $635 billion annually. This includes direct healthcare costs, missed days and hours of work, and lower wages. In fact, the cost of pain treatment exceeds that of heart disease and cancer treatments.

Inadequately treated acute pain can lead to prolonged recovery time, unexpected hospital readmissions, and the transition to chronic and persistent pain. Insufficient pain management is associated with increased rates of anxiety, depression, disability, unemployment, and lost income. Additionally, individuals who do not receive adequate pain treatment are more likely to engage in illicit opioid or substance misuse.

Given the significant impact of pain on individuals and society, Hansei Solutions was ready to help the clinic improve their RCM process. This enables them to provide effective pain management solutions, alleviating suffering and contributing to improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced quality of life.

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working with hansei

After 3 Years With Hansei Solutions

In just three years, Hansei Solutions achieved remarkable results for the clinic, revolutionizing their revenue cycle and optimizing financial operations. We implemented a Missing Information Log and Hosted Claims Manager with custom rules to analyze denial trends by code, payor, physician, and other categories, to prevent and reduce denials with pinpoint accuracy. We were also able to prevent the loss of AAS revenue by implementing a credentialing process to streamline the staff onboarding process.

Our proactive approach extended to closely monitoring providers, promptly addressing charge entry issues, and developing a cutting-edge internal patient estimate calculator to maximize patient collections and revenue. While under a CMS audit, Hansei was able to help the clinic gather and provide the correct documentation through daily communication and quality assurance checks. We were also able to help them transition merchant services from TSYS Payment Solutions to Waystar.

These are just a few of the improvements we made while working with them, and we’re proud of the results. The time it takes to post was reduced by 60%, the time to bill by 67%, and the time to get paid by 45%. This resulted in a 20% increase in cash collections with an estimated annual cost savings of almost 50 thousand dollars.

“Hansei’s ASC team represents professionalism and expertise in a wide range of areas. We always enjoy the team-cooperation approach between our organizations and have experienced great success.” – Southern California Pain Management Clinic

Helping Ambulatory Surgery Centers Grow

In today’s ever-changing healthcare world, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) like the pain management clinic are crucial for offering cost-effective and same-day outpatient healthcare. As patients now expect healthcare to be more like a consumer experience, ASCs must have modern and flexible medical billing solutions. These solutions are essential for keeping patients happy and guaranteeing payment for services. This clinic is just one of over ten ambulatory surgery centers working with Hansei Solutions. So far, we’ve helped ASCs collect almost 50 million dollars in reimbursements, processing close to 30 thousand claims.

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If you want to know more about our ambulatory surgery center billing solutions, contact Hansei today. We understand the unique challenges ASCs face and offer comprehensive medical billing services beyond just claims and collections. We’ll guide you through pre-payment reviews and provider network integrity audits, help you restore relationships with payors, create benchmarks for your practice to track industry norms, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact Hansei Solutions and take your ambulatory surgery center’s billing and operations to the next level.

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