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We don’t take our partnerships lightly. We combine powerful, industry-leading business intelligence with unparalleled customer support to help our clients achieve their grand visions and exponential growth. We believe it takes dedication, continuous innovation and responsiveness to form bonds and ultimately build your business. We’re in it for the long term.

About Hansei

Our Core Values

A History Of Innovation

May 2016

Hansei Solutions founded in Los Angeles. Focuses on revenue management for addiction and substance use clinics.

June 2017

Expanded services into the mental health space and primary psychiatry.

February 2018

Acquires enough billing for data to be used as a key asset.

December 2018

Expanded services to private practices and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

January 2019

Released first power business intelligence (BI) platform.

March 2019

Becomes heavily active in enforcement of mental health parity law.

May 2020

Expanded services into specialty surgery centers for ortho, spine and ENT.

July 2020

Hansei Solutions acquires First Commercial Billing to expand behavioral health footprint.

July 2020

Employs team members across 14 states.

August 2020

Expanded services to facilities specializing in autism spectrum disorders.

January 2021

Joined forces with Gulf Capital to gain affiliations with fellow revenue leaders nationwide.

January 2021

Partnered with Gulf Capital to expand resources and improve technology solutions for customers.

May 2021

Hired full-time lobbyist to advocate for equity treatment of mental health and substance use providers.

June 2021

Released Automated Accruals and Net AR Valuation tools in the business intelligence platform.

July 2021

Opened Nashville office. Began offering full-service revenue cycle management services for specialty surgery centers.

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