Partners for Growth: Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Ambulatory Surgery with Hansei

Growing Your Business With Revenue Management Solutions

In the era of consumer-driven healthcare, ambulatory surgery centers are seeking reliable and comprehensive medical billing solutions that enhance the patient experience and ensure prompt reimbursement for their services. At Hansei, we transcend the role of a mere billing company. With our unparalleled access to the industry's most robust datasets, Hansei deeply understands the intricacies surrounding revenue cycles within ambulatory surgery centers.

At Hansei, we are more than a medical billing company. By partnering with us, our clients are liberated from the burdensome tasks of claims processing and collections, allowing them to focus on what truly matters— their clients' well-being.

Revenue management

What We Do

As your revenue cycle partner, we are committed to ensuring your business's success. We prioritize reliability, transparency, and ethical practices, aiming to assist you in surpassing the tipping point for growth and expansion.

Speed up the payment process

Offer guidance and stay updated on coding and compliance requirements.

Access real-time data analytics and comprehensive reporting.

Utilize the industry's most robust datasets to make strategic business decisions and forecast revenue.

Streamline billing operations through automation.

Allocate more personalized time to your clients instead of navigating reimbursement complexities.

Who We Serve

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who we serve
who we serve

ASC Medical Billing Services​

Our in-house team comprises highly skilled account managers, medical billing specialists, and certified professional coders dedicated to providing quality revenue cycle management services. These include:​

Verifications of Benefits

Our team can help ambulatory surgery centers verify clients' insurance benefits, ensure eligibility for services, and prevent claim denials.​​

Medical Coding

Our certified professional coders can translate diagnoses, procedures, and medical services into alphanumeric codes for accurate documentation and claim submission.​​


Hansei Solutions can appeal denied claims and recover lost revenue.

Utilization Review

Our utilization review services can help guarantee the appropriate use of resources and minimize unnecessary expenses.​​


Hansei Solutions manages ASC credentialing to ensure compliance with payer requirements and reduce administrative burden.​​


Hansei Solutions can negotiate favorable contracts with payers for ambulatory surgery centers, maximizing reimbursement rates.​​

Denial Management

Hansei Solutions can manage claim denials and identify and address root causes to minimize future denials.​​


We provide comprehensive reporting for ambulatory surgery centers, making it easier to make data-driven decisions and improve processes.​

Aged - Receivables Management

Hansei Solutions can manage and follow up with overdue payments from clients or payers.​​

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Verification of Benefits
Medical Coding
Utilization Review
Denial Management
Aged - Receivables Management

How We Help Our Clients

We eliminate uncertainty from our clients' most crucial business choices.

Evaluating the viability of in-network contracts or expanding service lines.

Establishing benchmarks and benchmarking your practice against industry standards.

Offering historical data and proven solutions that are refined and updated over time.

We tackle challenges and identify avenues for growth through tailor-made revenue cycle solutions.

Strategically leveraging geography-based insights to drive business growth.

Escalating denied and underpaid claims through our in-house law firm (without passing on the legal fees to you).

Providing expert guidance on routine pre-payment reviews (PPR) and ensuring provider network integrity (PNI) audits.

Implementing corrective actions to mend payer relationships.

financial and compliance success
You can trust us with your business's financial and compliance success.

Transparency and proactive communication are deeply ingrained in our values, serving as the foundation for enduring and cherished partnerships. With our exceptional team, we have successfully managed hundreds of thousands of claims, securing nearly a billion dollars in reimbursements while effortlessly resolving our clients' most urgent challenges. As pioneers in the industry, we have set the standard for outstanding financial outcomes, unparalleled customer service, and readily available invaluable insights vital for business growth.

Ready to focus on providing healthcare? Let us lighten your load.

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