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Carli Stump

Brand Manager

Carli Stump - Brand Manager

Carli Stump is an exceptional brand manager driven by a deep passion for all aspects of healthcare, personally and professionally. Since her early years, Carli has nurtured a profound interest in the wholistic health and wellness world, which has propelled her to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry through her expertise in digital marketing and brand partnerships.

Over the past decade, Carli has amassed a diverse professional background in healthcare, covering various facets such as digital marketing, partnership/branding development, and events. Her comprehensive experience in these areas has equipped her with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and allowed her to forge impactful connections between brands and the healthcare industry.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Carliā€™s love for hosting extends beyond healthcare conferences and events, as she loves to indulge in her love for culinary arts, hosting dinner parties and creating memorable experiences with her closest friends and loved ones.

Carli is also a firm believer and advocate for mental health treatment and advocacy. Her ability to combine creativity, industry knowledge, and personal dedication sets her apart as a valuable asset for Hansei Solutions and its clients. Check out Carli's LinkedIn to learn more about her. Check out Carli's LinkedIn to learn more about her.