Medical Billing For Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Hansei Solutions specializes in delivering the most advanced and seamless medical billing services to optimize revenue cycle management and increase profitably for ambulatory surgical centers.
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Medical Billing with Hansei
The Medical Billing Solution

Medical Billing That Works

Medical billing involves various tasks such as generating invoices, coding services, submitting claims, and diligently pursuing follow-ups with payers, insurance companies, and government programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Whether you're new to running an ambulatory surgical center or want to enhance your existing process, Hansei Solutions is dedicated to guiding you through the intricate and dynamic realm of medical billing.

Hansei Solutions sets itself apart from other medical billing service providers through our commitment to staying current with insurance criteria and the latest innovative ideas. We prioritize providing exceptional client care by fostering an environment of kindness, patience, and compassion, with responsiveness and accessibility as our foundations. Additionally, our industry-leading technology platforms offer innovative tools that empower our clients to make well-informed business decisions.

The Importance Of Medical Billing At ASCs

Without the right company and medical billing knowledge, ambulatory surgical centers can get entangled in complex paperwork and constantly changing regulations. Handling medical billing tasks in-house can be laborious, consuming valuable time and resources that could otherwise be dedicated to providing excellent patient care. This can result in delayed payments, missed opportunities, and heightened claim denials, ultimately affecting the overall revenue cycle.

With Hansei Solution's medical billing services, you can minimize the time between providing healthcare services and receiving timely payments. This enables you to reinvest in your ASC, upgrade essential equipment, and expand your services.

The Importance Of Efficient Medical Billing

Our ASC Medical Billing Services Include

Medical Coding & Charge Entries
Our medical billing software is regularly updated with the latest medical codes, and uses the most accurate charge entry process to ensure services are properly coded and filed.
Claims Submission & Scrubbing
Our medical billing software can automate daily claim submissions to ensure payments and claims are made on time. It also utilizes claim scrubbing techniques to eliminate errors, reduce denied claims, identify problem areas, and enhance the billing process.
Accounts Receivable Management
Our team manages patient balances and insurance claims to minimize outstanding claims and follow up on payment statuses for surgical procedures and other services.
Patient Eligibility & Invoicing
Our patient eligibility and invoicing system guarantees timely payment for medical bills not covered by insurance. It instantly verifies a patient's primary or secondary insurance eligibility in real time or before an appointment.
HIPAA & Medical Compliance
Our medical billing solutions strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and stay up-to-date with the latest medical requirements, ensuring comprehensive compliance.
Financial & Patient Statement Reports
Outsourcing your ACS's medical billing to Hansei Solutions doesn't mean losing control of your business. We provide on-demand financial reports and patient statements, empowering clients with insights into their strengths, areas for improvement, revenue cycle, and overall billing process performance.

Benefits Of Medical Billing Services

Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

Precision Accuracy & Efficiency

Qualified Expertise

Continuous Cost Savings

Better Patient Satisfaction

Less Administrative Burden

Customized Practice Management

Responsive Denial Management

Our Medical Billing Process

Meet & Plan
The first step in our medical billing process involves an initial consultation to comprehensively understand your ASC's specific field and distinct billing requirements. Once we understand your goals and capabilities, we will develop a customized service plan to enhance revenue and improve patient care.
Build & Intagrate
Then, we incorporate our billing solutions into your current system or create a new one for you. Throughout this stage, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your staff is fully prepared to handle any changes introduced to the billing process.
Support & Communication
After the integration is finalized, we offer continuous support and maintain open lines of communication to answer any questions or concerns regarding the billing process and make any necessary updates.
Improve & Adapt
Hansei Solutions upholds the value of continuous improvement. We undertake regular reviews and thorough analyses of your billing process to identify areas that can be enhanced, address specific requirements, and adapt to emerging technologies and innovations.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinical Practices We Serve

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinical Practices We Serve
Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinical Practices We Serve

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